Processing time = 11-18 days. EMBEDS MADE TO ORDER. PRICES IN CAD. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions


How many are in a set of embed bars?

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For straight bars, there are 24 bars in a set. For curved bars, there are 20 bars in a set. 

What are the dimensions of the embed bars?

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Dimensions can vary based on the number of colours/layers. They can range from approximately 2 to 2.5 inches long and approximately 0.5 inches by 0.75 inches thick. Sizes may vary slightly as bars are hand cut.

What type of colourants do you use?

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Water soluble dyes are used for the embeds. Lakes, pigments and micas are also used where Polysorbate 80 is required. Please check individual product for more details.

FDA Batch-Certified colourants are used in embeds for bath bomb makers in the United States. Colours are matched to batch-certified colours available.

Do you offer custom colour combinations?

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Absolutely! Message us to let us know which colours you would like together on the embed bars. The custom colours may be added to this site as a regularly offered item.  

Shipping & Packaging

How long does it take for embed bars to ship?

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Embeds are made to order. Please check the banner at the top of the website for processing times (excludes statutory holidays). Large/wholesale orders require longer processing time than published. 

Where do you ship from?

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Embed bars are shipped from Ontario, Canada 

Do you ship worldwide?

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Yes we do! 


Are your products FDA batch-certified?

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We offer embed bars with FDA Batch-Certified colourants for bath bomb makers in the United States. Colours are matched to the batch-certified colours available.

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