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How to use rainbow embed bars inside your DIY bath bombs?

Rainbow Embed Bars

The first time I gave my kids a diy bath bomb with a rainbow embed inside their faces lite up with joy and awe as all the wonderful colours gushed out. Many artisan bath bomb makers love getting creative with their bath bombs but surprising little ones with a flurry of colors will make them go nuts over them.  

Here's a popular one made by fizz.soakery a favourite of mine.

Just pack in one of these embed bars and that's all it takes to add value to your bath bombs. Pack tightly and make sure to use a bit of surfactants in your bath bomb recipes to produce foam and help carry the colours over the surface of the water 

It's that simple to take your bath bombs to a whole different level by just throwing in an embed bar. Many makers vary the coloured bars with different themes year round to keep their customers engaged with colours that match the theme you are targeting. 

You wouldn't believe it but these diy cloud bath bombs sold out in minutes. The next time you sell at a local market consider using an embed bar your customers will be delightfully surprised.


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